Black Water
Image by Tamara Bitter

The Red Church is a new kind of spiritual community.

For the ones who seek Truth.

For those who choose Love.

For the spiritual outsiders.

For those who love God yet struggle with religion.


For me. For you. For all of us.


Black Water

I have spent years deconstructing my own faith in an attempt to find out what was actually true about God and life and religion, after decades of being told what to believe by men on pulpits.


All of my life, I felt deeply connected to the Divine, yet there was something about a God that sat in judgment of the world He created that never felt right. Something about the God I had always been told of that felt twisted, contrived, and incomplete. 


So I set out on a journey for Truth and what I found was a God that was more loving, more expansive, more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. 


I found that who God truly is has been eclipsed by Patriarchal society and that many Truths have been shut out of our practices and understanding. 


I found that God was not some faraway, bearded white dude up in the clouds of Heaven - because Love is not racialized or gendered and Heaven is as close as our next breath. 


I found that the power and presence of God exists deep within us all. 


I found that miracles are everyday occurrences available to everyone. 


I found that there are entire aspects of God and ourselves that have been excluded, repressed, stolen, and hidden from our history by men who desired power. 


I found that mostly every religion and every understanding of God I could find has some things right and a lot of things wrong. 


And while I too fall under that category as well, I couldn’t continue to deny the call. The voice deep within me and all around me, urging me to open up a space for those like me - like us.


The spiritual, not religious. 

The ones who don’t fit into any church or standardized belief system. 


The ones who desire connection, communion, community. 


I don’t know everything - I don’t hold all of the answers and I don’t expect you to either. But I am deeply committed to seeking Truth and Love with those who seek the same.

-Kelly Mahalak, Founder


Welcome to The Red Church.

Why Red

The color red is considered to be the color of good luck and protection throughout many religions. It holds significance in our spiritual stories, traditions, and observances. 


Red is the string wrapped around Rachael’s tomb.


Red is the blood that marked God’s people safe during the Passover.


Red is Isis’ amulet. 


Red is Dinah’s tent in the Torah.


Red is the goddess Kali’s tongue. 


Red is the cord Rahab hung out her window in Jericho. 


Red is the ancient Chinese Thread of Fate. 


Red is the egg Mary Magdalene held before Caesar to declare that the Christ had risen. 


Red is the color of redemption. 


Red is the color of Love. 


The Red Church is an invitation to connection and communion within a community committed to Love.

We are a transdenominational community for those who are open to a variety of different languages and expressions of Truth and Love. 


At The Red Church, all are welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexuality, or nationality.


We believe that Black Lives Matter.

Trans lives matter.

Asian lives matter. 

Native lives matter. 

Jewish lives matter.

Palestinian lives matter. 

Women’s rights are human rights. 

Love is love. 

No Human is illegal.

There is no such thing as other people’s children.

We belong to each other. 

Image by Alyssa Hurley

We believe that God is good and that we were created for good things. 


And we are committed to not only claiming those good things for ourselves, but for everyone.


“Love your neighbor as yourself,” requires us to love ourselves first and then others the same. 


This is our mission at The Red Church. 


To love and accept ourselves as children of God.

To love and accept others as that too. 

And to receive and spread the joy, peace, and goodness that that entails. 


We believe that we are not defined by our circumstances and are committed to creating a space where you can bring all of you - knowing that you will not be seen for where you are, what you’ve done, or what has happened to you, but rather as who you really are and always have been - holy and whole. 


This is not your mama’s church.

Here we believe in sacred expressions of God’s benevolent Love in our lives. 


Dance is our worship.

Pleasure is our hallelujah. 

Love is our compass.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

The Red Church is a weekly spiritual experience.

We meet Sundays at 12pm EDT/ 9am PDT starting June 20, 2021 and will continue through July 25, 2021 before we take a summer break. 


All services will be run live on Zoom and will be followed by live Q&A and community discussion. 


A private Facebook group will be available for conversation and support between services. Recordings will be stored in the group for your convenience. 


The Red Church is welcome to all, regardless of financial circumstance. While it is free to attend, monetary gifts* are welcomed and encouraged to help with operating costs and to support those who are dedicated to providing this space for all. 


20% of all monetary gifts* will be allocated into

a giving account where funds will be put directly into the hands of single moms who are in need of financial assistance. If you are or know of a woman who could benefit from extra support, please send an email to